Every month, business owners just like you are writing off hundreds, thousands, even millions in bad debt. Why? Maybe you've been burned by a collection agency in the past.  It could just be too much to manage when your focus needs to be on generating new revenue. There's too much liability involved when you're only collecting 2-3%. There is a better way. 


Our Practice

Established in 1976, we don't just do a little debt collection. We are a full-service Creditors' Rights law firm, serving clients nationally from our offices in Metropolitan Detroit.



We are more than just a Law Firm. We have decades of courtroom experience under our belts, use the collection resources of an agency, and have access to the location and asset information you'd expect from a private investigation firm--all under one roof. This powerful combination ensures increased collection of your debts at every stage of the process.

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Regular and comprehensive communication with our clients isn't just our ethical obligation, it's central to our  core values as a company. We take pride in dedicating ourselves to outstanding customer service; from comprehensive reporting to one-on-one file reviews with the attorneys dedicated to your portfolio on demand. We're not just your lawyers, we're a flexible extension of your team. 

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Our first priority at Fishman Group is to develop and train every employee on our team. Our support staff, administrators, collectors, and attorneys go through rigorous on-site training and testing so they're equipped to handle a wide range of calls and situations. Every employee is FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, and HIPAA trained, and attend mandatory continuing education courses. 

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Welcome to the future of Debt Collection

We use cutting-edge, specialized collection software hand tailored with developers to meet our needs; ensuring quick and effective responses to our client's requirements for reporting, work standards, and billing.


after the 2008 financial crisis, debtors woke up. a collection agency can only ask for money. with the force of law and a judgment, our lawyers don't have to ask.